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Stretching 118 miles from end to end and measuring no more than 20  miles at its widest point, Long Island was aptly named by Dutch traders who circum-navigated it in the early 1600s. Those early  Dutchmen discovered what the native Americans had known for centuries:  The temperate climate, the bountiful seas and the fertile land made Long Island a most hospitable home.

To the west, New York City boasts Broadway shows, museums, international cuisine, and shopping. Minutes from the city are beautiful beaches, amazing wineries and endless shopping in quaint towns. Long Island holds something for everyone!

From the North Shore of the island and its history of affluence, most notably at the turn of the 20th century, which earned it the nickname “The Gold Coast” and where some of the Gatsby era mansions still stand to Eastern Long Island beckons with spectacular ocean beaches, lovely bays, a burgeoning wine industry, and picturesque country roads dotted with farm stands.

Renowned author Susan Isaacs described in essence the Long Island Style wonderfully in her essay, So What is Long Island Style

“A mix of gritty urban ethnicity, garden club manners and middle-American taste. We still take our cue from New York City: Socially, most of the Island is a verdant improvisation on Brooklyn and Queens, while the non-agricultural world of the South Fork takes its cue more from modish Manhattan-domiciled Hamptons homeowners who weigh fifteen pounds less per capita than other Long Islanders. However, to view that area solely as a chic playground for wolves of Wall Street and media darlings is an error. Like the borough to which it perpetually correlates, the Hamptons are made up of many worlds in which everyone aspires to be a hotshot. Each weekend, there are gatherings of the glitterati of endodontia, the jet set of the bankruptcy bar, the intelligentsia of preteen sportswear…The “lifestyle” of Long Island is simply that there is no single way of life…Long Island is literally, an extension of New York City. Like that great, gray city, it tolerates a wide range of styles and behavior. No, it is not the East Village, but neither does it force its residents into one particular mode of behavior. I have heard that the garden maven-Gold Coast socialite C.Z. Guest has as neighbors the novelist Victoria Gotti and the raconteur Howard Stern. While such a mingling delights me, it does not surprise me. It truly exemplifies the Long Island lifestyle, albeit the high-rent version. Guest and Gotti and Stern, like us, have the freedom not only to pursue an American dream, but to make that dream a distinctly personal vision — one that does not break faith with the past.”

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