5 Quick and Easy Stylish Tips to Redecorate Your Home

5 Quick and Easy Stylish Tips to Redecorate Your Home


If you are like many homeowners, February is a great time to spruce up your interior design by redecorating your home. What better time to get a fresh start than in the beginning of the year, after all? The following are a number of home décor furnishings that are must haves for a stylish, quick & easy revamp:

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Cozy Reading Chairs
No home is complete without a small little reading nook, away from the distractions of the big screen TV and computer, and no reading nook is complete without a cozy reading chair. The following are a few cozy reading chairs that might be perfect for your reading nook:

  • Corinne Tufted Black Fabric Arm Chair – This cozy chair boasts sturdy birch wood and a low set of arms, helping to combine comfort with glamour. It also comes in three different colors.
  • Sadie Arm Chair – This option is built with dark walnut legs and comes in herb and rock colors and will fit well in a contemporary or modern design.
  • Zoe Fabric Arm Chair – This chair will be easy for your client to sink into when reading – go with the chevron ecru option for a bolder zig-zag pattern.

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Seated Ottomans
The seated ottoman is one of the most flexible furniture pieces that you can add to a living space. Not only is it great for lifting up one’s feet while sitting on the couch, it can also be used as a makeshift seating option as well as hidden storage space for the remotes.

  • Avery Round Tufted Storage Ottoman – This ottoman has a very elegant look to it that’s available in a number of understated colors. It also happens to provide extra storage space as well.
  • Lulu Round Tufted Ottoman – This ottoman may not have storage, but it screams comfort. It wouldn’t be out of place in the living room or the bedroom.
  • Dorado Pouf – If you’re looking for an ottoman that adds a bit more style to the proceedings, you can’t go wrong with the Dorado Pouf. It’s also a great way to add a number of different patterns to the décor of the room – wherever you decide to place it.


Gold Starburst Accents wall flowers 2 blue clock Square Wall Clock

A Stated Art Piece
It’s important that you create an overall aesthetically pleasing design within every room, which is why you should use a few select stated art pieces to help draw the eye and create a unique visual interest within the space.

  • Gold Starbursts Flower Accents – These retro/modern art pieces are a great way to add textural interest, whether you hang them from the ceiling, attach them to a wall or display them on a bookshelf.
  • Antiqued Blue Wall Clock – If you have more an eclectic design – or even a more rustic design – then this clock’s vintage charm will fit right in.
  • Square Wall Clock – This wooden wall clock has a certain European vintage chic feel to it.
  • Antique Blue Metal Clock – The soft blue colors of this clock make it blend easily with other décor. If you have an indoor gardening room, this clock might be perfect for it.
  • Weathered Metal Clock – Does you have a coastal home with a beach theme? If so, don’t decorate your living room or bedroom without one of these!


Bronze Pomegranate Jar white lace vases

A Heavy Weight Vase
The great thing about using a heavy weight vase is that it performs as both a vessel for floral arrangements as well as an art piece in itself, thereby helping to add a bit of flavor to the décor, whether its in the dining room, living room, bathroom or bedroom.

  • White Lace Vases – The design of these vases means that you can use them to create a gorgeous floral arrangement that has a more classic aesthetic. You can also use them as candleholders, allowing the pattern of the vases to cast stunning shadows over your walls.
  • Bronzed Pomegranate Vase – Bronze has a certain warmth to it that makes it a flexible metal. This means that you can set this vase in all types of settings – the kitchen or fireplace mantle would be an especially suitable place for it.


Diane Throw Chinchilla Throw sophia throw koala throw

Cozy Throws
Don’t dismiss the importance of a cozy throw. A throw blanket can do amazing things for each room of your home. It’s a great way to add color and pattern to a room and can easily compliment all kinds of furnishing. Throw it across a cozy reading chair, add it to the foot of your bed, fold it up next to an art piece or vase or store it when its not needed in a seated ottoman. A throw blanket provides both visual and physical warmth as well, thereby helping to create a more inviting and cozy atmosphere.

  • Red/Cream Diamond Throw – This diamond patterned throw is a great choice for a space that might be a little flat in terms of its use of solid colors.
  • Soft Chinchilla Throw – The visual softness of this throw helps to create warmth no matter where you put it, whether it’s at the end of a bed or over the back of a couch.
  • Sophia Throw – This throw boasts a herringbone pattern that will add a level of sophistication to your living space.
  • Koala Throw – Here is another option for a throw that adds warmth, not just physically but visually as well.

If you are looking for a stylish revamp, it doesn’t necessarily you have to invest a ton of money into a complete remodel. You can spruce up your home simply by adding a piece of furniture or a decorative piece. Not to mention that adding a cozy throw is a great way to add warmth, color and pattern to any interior space.



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